About Our Partner Notarius

Established in 1996, Notarius provides solutions that safeguard the long-term reliability of digital records. Since its creation, Notarius has positioned itself as a Canadian market leader by ensuring the integrity and authenticity of official documents for transactions between a wide variety of professionals, business partners, clients, municipalities and government agencies. Notarius issues and manages trusted digital signatures. This cyber security initiative is designed to protect the public and enable professionals to sign electronic documents with the same legal value as a paper document signed by hand.

Used by more than 30 professional associations in Canada, over 800 companies and thousands of professionals across the world, Notarius’ digital signature certificates are a secure, effective and economical solution that is now an integral part of many trades, professions and organizations.

In late 2017, following a competitive RFP process, AMO announced a partnership with Notarius with the aim to offer members two distinct solutions:
  1. State-of-the-art digital signature solutions
  2. An advanced and legally reliable e-signing platform solution
Notarius electronic and digital signatures provide high assurance levels of signer identity and document integrity, authenticity and longevity. Using this technology, municipal governments can streamline processes, reduce costs for document storage and safeguard the integrity of important municipal records in a legally reliable fashion.


AMO Pilot Report: Municipal Experiences Using Electronic and Digital Signature Solutions, January 21, 2019
AMO is pleased to release Pilot Report detailing municipal experiences using Notarius electronic and digital signature solutions. All pilots successfully implemented Notarius solutions and had a positive experience using the technology. We encourage members to read the report and consider how Notarius electronic and digital signature solutions could work for your administration and operations. A copy of the AMO Pilot Project Report is also available in French
#OnMuni Online: Towards Digital Transformation and Opportunities for Ontario’s Municipal Governments, August 22, 2017
Digital transformation is occurring in the municipal sector at a rapid pace. Municipal governments are responding to emerging technologies and disruption by implementing digital approaches to operations and service delivery. #OnMuni Online provides municipal perspectives on how to achieve effective and efficient digital transformation


The Digital Last Mile
Municipalities willing to fully embrace electronic data management including the use of secure encrypted digital signatures will be rewarded with: increased operational efficiencies, cost savings, and increased public access to open data.
Notarius Corporate Overview & Legal Opinion for Using Electronic Signatures
Learn more about Notarius including whom, why, and how highly reliable electronic documents are used. Included is also a legal opinion on using electronic signatures.
Notarius Solutions: Products and Pricing
Learn more about specific Notarius solutions and their costs.
Pilot Project Terms of Reference
In January 2018, AMO and Notarius launched an Electronic and Digital Signature pilot to test digital signing solutions and determine the benefits, challenges, opportunities, and possible improvements that may be required of a robust service for the membership.
The Top Questions About Digital Signatures
When contemplating a corporate digital transformation, various departments raise questions about legal reliability, compliancy, security, technology and end user functionalities. This document hopes to answer some common questions that may be
brought up during the evaluation process of Notarius solutions.

Case Study: United Counties of Prescott & Russell
Find out how the United Counties of Prescott & Russell implemented Notarius electronic and digital signature solutions and some of the early benefits the municipality has discovered using the technolog

The United Counties of Prescott and Russell and the Municipality of Kincardine drafted Electronic Signatures policies to provide guidance on when electronic signatures and submissions are considered official and acceptable. Members may wish to draft their own electronic and digital signature policies and can use either Prescott and Russell’s or Kincardine’s as an example. 

News Release: AMO Partners with Secure Digital Signature Provider December 4, 2017
AMO is partnering with Notarius to offer AMO members a suite of digital signature services to help municipal governments manage electronic documents more efficiently.

LAS BlogThe LAS Blog
We've been blogging! Be and stay in the know on all of our service and product offerings and how they can help your municipality, including electronic and digital signature solutions.


Notarius Business 5: An Electronic Signing Solution for Municipalities April 3, 2020
As the COVID-19 state of emergency extends the experience of working remotely, it’s important that municipalities are able to continue the daily business of council and administration. That means signing important documents. Learn how AMO’s partner Notarius is scaling its e-signing solution to AMO members with Business 5. Now anyone can easily sign a document electronically while guaranteeing that the practice of physical distancing continues.


Meeting Management with Integrated Digital Signatures. July 8, 2019
AMO encourages partners to work together where possible to integrate technologies to make processes more seamless for users. To that end, AMO is pleased to announce that Notarius and eSCRIBE have partnered to help create greater levels of assurance for municipal users across Ontario. Users can trust that the Notarius digital and electronic signature platform integrated with eSCRIBE’s meeting management platform will greatly improve the management of all documents in eSCRIBE’s Cloud-based solution.

AMO-Notarius Pilot Project. Town Hall Webinar, November 15, 2018
Pilots presented their experiences implementing and using Notarius Electronic and Digital Signature solutions.
AMO-Notarius Partnership - The Last Mile. February 7, 2018
AMO and Notarius introduce the partnership and highlight secure and encrypted digital signature solutions as a potential transformative tool to enhance municipal records and documents management.

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