AMO’s Response to the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission
In June 2020, AMO’s Health Task Force established a working group on long-term care to help provide advice to the independent Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission over the course of its investigation. In October, AMO submitted interim recommendations on an ongoing provincial pandemic response to the Commission for their consideration.

The working group on long-term care was also provided an opportunity to meet with the Commissioners on October 26th. The testimony from that meeting can be found on the LTC Commission website. AMO provided a final submission, Improving the Long-Term Care Outbreak Response in Ontario: AMO’s Final Submission to the Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission, in January 2021. Looking forward, AMO will continue to provide perspectives to the Commission and the Ministry of Long-Term Care on how municipal long-term care homes are handling the COVID-19 pandemic.


Michael Jacek
Senior Advisor