Housing affordability is top of mind for people in Ontario. Housing is in short supply. Home ownership is out of reach for many. Rents are too high relative to incomes and Ontario’s homeless desperately need a roof over their heads. The
lack of suitable affordable housing in Ontario is a significant problem that all orders of government must work together to address in partnership with the private, non-profit, and co-operative housing sectors.

The federal and provincial governments have recognized the severe housing challenges facing Ontario families and have come together recently with various strategies, plans, and funding programs to address the issue. While these initiatives are welcome, more must be done to meet the housing challenges faced by the people of this province. Despite recent measures, many of AMO’s outstanding recommendations to address the housing supply and affordability crisis remain relevant.

This paper, Fixing the Housing Affordability Crisis: Municipal Recommendations for Housing in Ontario, consolidates the numerous recommendations developed by the housing task force and approved by AMO's Board of Directors in recent years that have yet to be taken up the provincial government. They reflect perspectives from municipal governments and District Social Service Administration Boards (DSSABs) working on Ontario’s front lines. Their timely implementation would realize efficiencies in Ontario’s housing system and deliver real outcomes for Ontarians. The recommendations suggest actions by all orders of government, as well as housing developers, which would both preserve existing stock and expand the supply of affordable housing options. The recommendations also address homelessness.


Michael Jacek
Senior Advisor