eScribe Webinars

eScribe Webinar – Digital Solutions. 
eScribe, AMO’s partner of cloud-based meeting management solutions for public sector boards and councils, has unveiled eScribe Lite. Learn more about how this program can assist smaller communities in crossing the digital divide.

Remote Electronic Meetings. 
Amendments to the Municipal Act and the City of Toronto Act now permit councils, council committees, and local boards to meet virtually during either a municipal or provincial emergency. Learn how AMO’s digital meeting management partner, eScribe, can help your municipality implement electronic meetings so that elected officials and staff can meet virtually and interact through the platform.
Introduction to eScribe Lite: A Digital Meeting Management Solution for Small Municipalities.
Learn more how eScribe Lite can help smaller municipalities unlock efficiencies and help digitally transform public meetings.
AMO eSCRIBE Partnership image
AMO-eScribe Partnership - An Introduction. 
AMO and eScribe introduce the partnership and highlight the digital meeting management and livestreaming solutions available to members. By implementing eScribe technologies members can meet their requirements for open public meetings, comply with accessibility standards, and unlock efficiencies in timesavings while reducing paper costs in printing, shipping, and storage of meeting materials. Please email Fiona Tsang to request access to this webinar.