A Cloud Based Risk and Claims Software for Municipalities

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Eliminate Blind Spots that Increase Your
Incidents and Insurance Premiums

Optimize Risks, Reduce Claims Costs, and Save Countless Hours with ClearRisk

ClearRisk is an accessible, nimble, cloud-based solution that automates risk and claims data processing and informs enterprise-wide decision making. ClearRisk is built for municipalities with a roadmap that is 100% designed around municipal environments, processes, and workflow.

Claims & Incident Management

  • Use webforms to streamline data intake, reduce data entry errors, and populate required fields.
  • Enable built-in notifications to pertinent parties when records are updated.
  • Track claims transactions including reserves, payments, and recoveries.
  • Use Incident management to reduce recurring incidents, track near misses,
    optimize high-risk areas, and reduce total cost of risk (TCOR).

Asset Management

  • Store unlimited asset and location data for an on-demand view of vehicles, properties, and equipment.
  • Track construction, occupancy, protection, exposure (COPE) data, locations, contractors, & values.
  • Associate policies, claims, incidents, & inspections to the relevant asset for quick retrieval.


"ClearRisk has increased the output of the team and allowed us to refocus where we spend our energy. Less time is spent on the manual administrative function and more time is spent on creating reports, and analyzing and working on the claims that come in."
Shannon Devane, Risk Manager (former), City of Vaughan

Insurance Certificate Management

  • Track and manage all certificates of insurance (COIs), contracts, and vendors.
  • View dashboards for complete visibility on the status of contracts and certificates.
  • Get notified 30, 60, or zero days before renewal deadlines.

Reports and Dashboards

  • Clone, edit, and export reports from ClearRisk's pre-built report library for a real-time view of your claims,
    incidents, assets, COIs, and more.
  • Use dashboards to communicate claims, incidents, risk data, & trends to management, stakeholders, and
    insurance markets.

ClearRisk customers have seen the following results:

  • 95% reduction in time spent building reports and communicating data
  • 90% reduction in manual tasks and data entry
  • 50% reduction in TCOR
  • 10-20% reduction in insurance premiums

Program Process

  • AMO staff are happy to help manage the process, send us an e-mail to get started
  • Contact ClearRisk directly if that’s easier – please contact the person listed below

Program Cost

  • Cost is tier-based and dependent upon population size of your municipality
  • Tier 1 - population over 70,000
  • Tier 2 - population between 10,000 to 70,000
  • Tier 3 - population under 10,000
  • More information is available here
  • A discount for IPE municipal clients is also available. Learn more.

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Shannon Devane
Program Manager - Municipal Risk Management
T 289.221.9226
TF 1.877.426.6527


Mike Bowman
VP Sales & Customer Success
T 709.727.6424
TF 1.877.734.7475 x302