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Established in 1996, Notarius provides solutions that safeguard the long-term reliability of digital records. Since its creation, Notarius has positioned itself as a Canadian market leader by ensuring the integrity and authenticity of official documents for transactions between a wide variety of professionals, business partners, clients, municipalities and government agencies.

Notarius issues and manages trusted digital signatures. This cyber security initiative is designed to protect the public and enable professionals to sign electronic documents with the same legal value as a paper document signed by hand.

Used by more than 30 professional associations in Canada, over 800 companies and thousands of professionals across the world, Notarius’ digital signature certificates are a secure, effective and economical solution that is now an integral part of many trades, professions and organizations.

In late 2017, following a competitive RFP process, AMO announced a partnership with Notarius with the aim to offer members two distinct solutions:

  1. State-of-the-art digital signature solutions
  2. An advanced and legally reliable e-signing platform solution

Notarius electronic and digital signatures provide high assurance levels of signer identity and document integrity, authenticity and longevity. Using this technology, municipal governments can streamline processes, reduce costs for document storage and safeguard the integrity of important municipal records in a legally reliable fashion.


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