Notarius Webinars

Notarius Business 5: An Electronic Signing Solution for Municipalities April 3, 2020
As the COVID-19 state of emergency extends the experience of working remotely, it’s important that municipalities are able to continue the daily business of council and administration. That means signing important documents. Learn how AMO’s partner Notarius is scaling its e-signing solution to AMO members with Business 5. Now anyone can easily sign a document electronically while guaranteeing that the practice of physical distancing continues.

Meeting Management with Integrated Digital Signatures. July 8, 2019
AMO encourages partners to work together where possible to integrate technologies to make processes more seamless for users. To that end, AMO is pleased to announce that Notarius and eSCRIBE have partnered to help create greater levels of assurance for municipal users across Ontario. Users can trust that the Notarius digital and electronic signature platform integrated with eSCRIBE’s meeting management platform will greatly improve the management of all documents in eSCRIBE’s Cloud-based solution.

AMO-Notarius Pilot Project. Town Hall Webinar, November 15, 2018
Pilots presented their experiences implementing and using Notarius Electronic and Digital Signature solutions.
AMO-Notarius Partnership - The Last Mile. February 7, 2018
AMO and Notarius introduce the partnership and highlight secure and encrypted digital signature solutions as a potential transformative tool to enhance municipal records and documents management.

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