Image of Ottawa courtesy of Pixabay

A New Deal for Ottawa

Policy Update

This morning, the province announced that the Government of Ontario and the City of Ottawa have reached a new deal to help ensure the city’s sustainable long-term growth and prosperity. The agreement includes up to $197 million over three years in provincial operating funds and up to $346 million over 10 years in provincial capital supports, including previously committed funding through the Building Faster Fund. 

AMO would like to congratulate the City of Ottawa on this important achievement. This investment is a clear indication that the province recognizes that the decades old provincial-municipal fiscal arrangements are failing Ontario’s communities, families, and businesses while undermining the province’s social and economic foundations. The Ottawa and Toronto deals are important milestones, but we need a broader rethink about how public services are funded and delivered, and how we build and finance infrastructure.  

“Today’s announcement of much needed funding for the City of Ottawa is further proof of the structural funding challenges that municipalities across the province are experiencing, and the need for a systematic review of the provincial-municipal fiscal framework. AMO will continue to highlight to the province the possibilities that a joint review represents and the opportunities to leave a lasting legacy for Ontario’s communities,” said Colin Best, AMO President and Regional Councillor for Halton.  

Municipalities across Ontario want the provincial government to partner with us and undertake a social and economic prosperity review. Over 100 municipalities have passed resolutions in support of this critical step. AMO will continue to advocate for this structural review that supports prosperity in every part of the province.