Image of the The Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario

Social and Economic Prosperity Review

Policy Update October 18, 2023

Municipalities across Ontario are facing increasingly complex challenges, such as tackling homelessness and climate change, without the financial tools to solve them. It’s time for the province and municipalities to work collaboratively towards solutions for the long-term stability and sustainability of municipal finances.

AMO has called on Premier Ford to propose an update of the partnership between provincial and municipal governments to build sustainable communities, a solid foundation for economic growth and quality of life. 

A social and economic prosperity review would help to create a sustainable, accountable provincial-municipal relationship where both orders of government can meet their responsibilities, grounded in:

  • Affordability and fiscal sustainability for both orders of government

  • Fairness for taxpayers and affordability for residents

  • Coordinated and timely infrastructure investment resilient to climate realities

  • Increased housing supply and affordability

  • Robust health and social services supporting increased economic participation

  • Long term economic development and prosperity for Ontario and its communities

  • Modern, effective and streamlined service delivery

It’s the right time for a province-wide conversation.