Child Care

Are you looking for child minding services while you attend AMO 2024? AMO has sourced an in-hotel babysitting service provided by Nannies on Call.

Nannies on Call provides professional, pre-screened nannies for baby sitting. This service can be provided in-hotel or at home for the cost of an annual subscription and hourly fees.

What is Nannies on Call?
Our by-appointment babysitting service is membership-based and gives you access to our pool of expertly pre-screened nannies for in-home babysitting appointments via a recurring subscription (weekly, monthly, 3-month, or annual). You can cancel your subscription at any time. However, subscriptions are non-refundable once purchased.

Who is it for?
The service is perfect for families who only need occasional childcare and who are generally comfortable working with a variety of nannies as opposed to a single, regular nanny.

You can book a Nanny to help care for your little ones during school professional development days, daycare closures, personal appointments, work events, and date nights.

See our nanny requirements and screening process.
See our COVID-19 Health & Safety policies.

Nanny availability varies depending on your location, the date and time of your appointments, the ages of your children, and current demand. We cannot guarantee that you'll have a nanny every time you book, nor that it will be the same person each time.

How Does it Work?
Our completely redesigned babysitting booking platform gives you complete control of your appointments and the nannies you book for them.
1.    Select your membership that works for your needs. You’ll be able to make unlimited babysitting appointments during your membership period.
2.    Set up babysitting appointments at your convenience directly from your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
3.    View the profiles of nannies in our pre-screened roster.
4.    Choose, book and confirm nannies for your appointments— all from within the Nannies on Call Babysitting platform.
5.    At the end of your babysitting appointment, the nanny will issue an electronic invoice which you’ll receive by email.
6.    Pay the nanny directly using your credit card via Stripe in the Nannies on Call platform.
7.    Enjoy the benefits of cashless payments!

Service Areas and Membership Pricing
We invite you to learn more about our In-home Babysitting service, including our service areas and fees, on our website at


Visit our Babysitting Help Centre to find answers to many commonly asked questions by families.

AMO is providing this information as a resource only. AMO does not guarantee or bear any responsibility for services rendered.