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Using DERs to Fight Climate Change and Build Climate Resilience

Report September 23, 2021

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario is pleased to provide Using Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to Fight Climate Change and Build Climate Resilience, AMO Climate Change Series Paper, AMO's 5th discussion paper on the impacts of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) on municipalities as part of the AMO's Climate Change Series Papers.

  1. Recommendations for the Diversion of Food and Organic Waste in Ontario. AMO's 4th Climate Change Discussion Paper
  2. Retrofitting Buildings for GHG Reduction & Deeper Energy Savings. AMO's 3rd Climate Change Discussion Paper.
  3. Understanding the Environmental Footprint of Telecommunications. AMO's 2nd Climate Change Discussion Paper.
  4. Come Hell or High Water: Flooding, Climate Change and Municipal Response.  AMO's 1st Climate Change Discussion Paper. 


Amber Crawford
Senior Advisor