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Retrofitting Buildings for GHG Reduction & Deeper Energy Savings

Discussion Paper

As the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and Local Authority Services (LAS) we work to achieve shared goals and meet common challenges. One of these challenges is how to better integrate infrastructure investment, climate change and social policy into a municipal Council’s decision-making process.
The shift toward thinking of infrastructure, the environment, and social policy as complementary, rather than competing interests has created a more holistic approach to policy and decision making. Ontario municipal governments support this shift and have requested that AMO provide a series of Climate Change discussion papers to help municipal Councils manage the outcomes of climate change and reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs).

As part of the AMO series on municipal responses to Climate Change, Retrofitting Buildings for GHG Reduction & Deeper Energy Savings will consider the role municipal governments can reduce GHG emissions due to the heating and cooling of buildings and offer other actions that can result in long term cost savings.