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Streamline and Automate FOI Requests

Simplify your FOI Program, Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk 

According to recent research conducted by Vayle, the majority of Ontario municipalities surveyed have experienced an increase in the volume and complexity of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests over the past year. However, 9 out of 10 respondents said that their FOI program budgets have not kept pace with this demand.

AMO has partnered with Vayle to offer a cost-effective digital platform to streamline FOI program management, reduce costs, and mitigate compliance risks. Vayle FOI  is currently used to process approximately one in four FOI requests for Ontario municipal entities. Platform subscribers range from small municipalities to large volume processor municipalities and police agencies. 


Vayle FOI Features  

Workflow Automation: 

  • Navigate through each stage of the compliance process, ensuring that all requirements are covered as mandated by legislation and directives.
  • Publish automated response letters in the Document Library, including acknowledgment and decision letters, search memos, and third-party notifications.

Tracking and Scheduling: 

  • Track time and fees associated with researching and producing requested records, internally and from other departments.
  • Monitor the progress of each request, including associated notes, documented exemptions, fees, supporting files, response letters and other information.
  • Keep track of FOI request due dates using our built-in calendar feature. Simply double-click on a request within the calendar to instantly access files.

Reporting & Analytics: 

  • Produce annual reports for the Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) with "one-click", and reduce errors with our Audit Listing log.
  • Access a birds-eye view of your entire FOI program, including files by category, year-over-year statistics, and outstanding tasks at a manager or individual level.

Hosting Options: 

  • Vayle offers both on-premises and cloud-hosting options. All FOI data is hosted in Canada on Vayle’s secure network.
  • Contact for a simple document that describes the differences between on-premises and cloud hosting. 

Learn more about Vayle FOI features.

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About Vayle 

  • Based in Toronto, Canada, Vayle is a leading provider of information access and compliance solutions for the public sector. With a steadfast commitment to automating and simplifying compliance processes, Vayle empowers government entities to enhance efficiency, uphold regulatory obligations, and provide a superior client experience. To find out more about Vayle, visit

Program Process

  • AMO staff are happy to help manage the process, send us an e-mail to get started, OR
  • Contact Vayle directly if that’s easier.

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