AMO Encourages Member Action on Municipal Codes of Conduct and Enforcement

AMO’s Board and members have been very clear: a safe and respectful workplace is a basic expectation. All council members agree to follow a Code of Conduct when they are sworn into office. However, sometimes there have been incidents when a council member’s behaviour clearly crosses the line and councils have limited ability to enforce the Codes.

AMO, other municipal organizations such as ROMA and OBCM and 84 municipalities have lent their support to making changes to improve enforcement of Codes of Conduct. However, with the defeat of Bill 5, more direct action from municipal councils is required. That is why AMO is asking our members to meet with your local MPPs before the AMO Conference in August to request that the Government of Ontario introduce legislation to enact our recommended changes.

Key messages are linked to help guide your conversations with your local provincial representatives. Municipal governments working together make positive change happen.

Summary of Proceedings from AMO’s Ending Homelessness Symposium

On May 3-4, 2023, AMO hosted the Ending Homelessness Symposium in Toronto, which brought together around 250 people including municipal elected officials and staff, Indigenous organizations and other sector partners. A central aim of the symposium was to create a platform for dialogue to share and understand various perspectives and experiences with homelessness across the province, and to move towards building coordinated and strategically aligned solutions. Given this aim, multiple sessions were held that addressed the various perspectives and facets on the root causes of homelessness – including income insecurity, insufficient supply of deeply affordable housing, insufficient responses to mental health and addictions challenges and potential policy responses required. Since governments, community and healthcare partners, as well as the private sector all have a role to play, these sessions brought together these diverse actors.

This Summary of Proceedings summarizes key takeaways from each session, and will be used by AMO’s staff, Task Forces, and Board of Directors to inform ongoing advocacy positions and strategy.

Bill 97, Helping Homebuyers, Protecting Tenants Act, 2023 Passes

Bill 97 received Royal Assent on June 8, 2023. The Bill amends the Building Code Act, 1992; City of Toronto Act, 2006; Development Charges Act, 1997; Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing Act,1 999; Municipal Act, 2001; Planning Act, 1990; and Residential Tenancies Act, 2006. AMO prepared several submissions in response to the consultations on the Bill, which can be found on our website. AMO also delivered remarks to complement a written submission to the Standing Committee on Heritage, Infrastructure and Cultural Policy on Bill 97.  AMO staff are currently preparing a submission for the ongoing consultation on the Provincial Planning Statement, which will be submitted ahead of the August 4, 2023 deadline.


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