Image of Power Plant by Sergio Cerrato from Pixabay

AMO's Submission to the Ministry of Energy on Bill 165, Keeping Energy Costs Down Act

Policy Update

This afternoon, AMO provided a submission to the Ministry of Energy on the Proposed Amendments to the Ontario Energy Board Act – Bill 165, Keeping Energy Costs Down Act in response to ERO #019-8307.

AMO welcomes the chance to submit comments in an open consultation on Bill 165, the Keeping Energy Costs Down Act. Municipalities are dedicated to collaborating with energy partners to create an energy system that's affordable, reliable, and sustainable for all. We recognize that communities have varied needs regarding natural gas, from seeking moratoriums to wanting expanded access for growth and affordability. We urge the Province to lead in decarbonizing Ontario's energy system and to clarify how natural gas fits into this transition. It's crucial that the proposed amendments ensure transparency and allow informed decision-making for municipal officials, residents, and businesses. 


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