Respect for Democracy

Democracy is healthy when discussions and debates surrounding the future of our communities happen within a climate of understanding and mutual respect. When people have the ability to participate in local decision making and do so enthusiastically. 

The Respect for Democracy stream of work will engage with AMO members and member municipalities to support initiatives that encourage more participation in local decision making. This stream will work towards a shared commitment with the training and resources needed to encourage and develop a climate for more respectful two-way dialogue between elected officials and residents (of all ages), municipal staff, and other elected officials.


Respect for Democracy Objectives

  • Increase trust in local government as an institution where people can safely, actively, regularly contribute to the decisions that impact their community.
  • Municipal leaders are aligned and committed to improving the tone of discourse between elected officials and community members, municipal staff and other elected officials.
  • Establish AMO as a thought leader on participatory democracy.


Relevant AMO Training
AMO continues to offer and develop training opportunities that include examining issues related to respectful dialogue and participatory democracy. Here is an excellent course aligned with this stream of work. As AMO continues to work through this project we will identify and create new training opportunities where gaps are identified to meet the needs of our members. 


Respect for Democracy Resources, Videos, Articles

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The articles, videos, resources, and organizations listed here do not necessarily reflect AMO positions or policies. They are intended to continue our collective learning and act as the basis for good, healthy conversations about how to foster a healthy democracy in Ontario municipalities.