Honourary Life Membership

This specific recognition is reserved for exemplary service to the Corporation and its broad membership.

Honourary (Life) Members of the Association:

Deceased Honourary (Life) Members of the Association:

ROGER ANDERSON. Regional Chair and CEO, Regional of Durham. His AMO involvement was everywhere - Special committees and task forces; representative to provincial committees and envoy representing AMO at events. As president, Roger had quite a list of accomplishments. Two notable and long lasting ones include: Federal gas tax agreement – the first formulation allocation of funding to every municipal government and the first program administered by a non-government body, AMO. Roger also helped see the requirement for a Memorandum of Agreement between AMO and the province enshrined in legislation. Roger fought as hard for the north and rural Ontario as he did for urban Ontario. He could see the big picture and what we shared in common across the sector.

HAZEL MCCALLION. Mayor McCallion’s dedication to the municipal sector had been consistent and persevering. Her involvement in the Association – as a Board member, as a participant on numerous Committees and Task Forces and as AMO’s representative to various provincial committees – has spanned 42 years with only a few inactive years.

MICHAEL POWER. Mayor, Municipality of Greenstone; his involvement in AMO stretched over almost 30 years, including rise to President on two occasions (5 years) from Board member and volunteer to Task Forces and Standing Committees; was AMO representative to OMERS; he worked diligently to knit together and elevate the interests of all municipal governments.

MICHAEL J. SMITHER. Editor and Publisher of Municipal World – provided research and policy advice and promoted the work and advancement of municipal governments.

MARIE CURTIS (one-time reeve of the former village of Long-Branch (1953-62) member of Metro Council, where she was a charter member — and the first woman to sit on the powerful executive committee with "Big Daddy" Gardiner; six years as executive director of the Association of Mayors and Reeves of Ontario.

W. SCOTT MCKAY. Municipal World, one-time editor and publisher – his father Kenneth was founder; McKay was president of the Ontario Good Roads Association in 1946, and was OGRA Secretary-Treasurer from 1957 to 1967.

J. WILFRID SPOONER. Mayor of Timmins, Ontario from 1952 to 1955, represented the electoral district of Cochrane South in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1955 to 1967 and Minister of Municipal Affairs (1966).