Task Forces

The Task Force process is an important foundation to AMO’s consensus building.  Task Forces leverage the technical, practical and political expertise of members to bring considered, informed, and representative policy positions forward to the AMO Board for consideration on priority issues.

Task Force membership typically includes:

  • a Chair and Vice-Chair appointed for a two year term, one of whom is on the AMO Board
  • a mix of elected officials and municipal staff with depth and breadth of knowledge and experience
  • appropriate representation across municipal type/size/geography
  • representatives from relevant municipal organizations and occasionally non-municipal partners

The structure, Terms of Reference and membership of Task Forces is comprehensively reviewed every four years in line with provincial and municipal election cycles. 

Currently, AMO has five Task Forces for the 2023-2027 period:

Health Transformation

Chair: Mayor Gary McNamara, Vice Chair: Mayor Aina DeViet

Land Use Planning and Resources 

Chair: Karen Redman, Vice Chair: Mayor Lynn Dollin

Municipal Finance and Economic Development 

Chair: Mayor Bryan Paterson, Vice Chair: Mayor Josh Morgan


Chair: Mayor Robin Jones, Vice Chair: Mayor Matt Wren

Social Policy and Human Services Transformation 

Chair: Mayor Jamie McGarvey, Vice Chair: Mayor Hilda MacDonald

If you are interested in becoming involved with AMO Task Forces, please contact Lindsay Jones, Director of Policy and Government Relations at ljones@amo.on.ca