AMO has been actively involved in housing and homelessness advocacy for years, as Ontario’s 444 municipal governments are responsible for building strong, complete communities, of which housing – both home ownership and rentals – is a key component.

AMO Documents and Submissions

More Homes For Everyone: AMO's Submission to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing April 27, 2022

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) submitted comments on the various consultations related to the More Homes for Everyone Plan and Bill 109 – More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022. As part of AMO’s submission, we encouraged the province to carefully consider comments from other municipal associations and our member municipal governments who have provided more specific feedback based on their local circumstances. We look forward to continuing to work with the province and other critical partners on advancing housing affordability in Ontario.

AMO's Remarks to the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly on Bill 109 April 11, 2022

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) took the opportunity to speak with the Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly on Bill 109, the More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022. Housing has become a top-of-mind issue, regardless of whether it is an urban city or small, rural, northern and remote community. These challenges will not be solved by one-size-fits-all solution. Many of the changes that Bill 109 makes to the Planning Act give municipal governments more responsibility, transfer risk, and create a more punitive planning system that will likely have unintended consequences and may not achieve the desired outcomes. The Bill was passed by the legislature without any amendments and received Royal Assent. 

AMO's Response to the Proposed Regulatory Amendments 22-MMAH008 and 22-MMAH009 April 8, 2022

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) was pleased to have the opportunity to submit a response to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing regarding the Proposed amendments to Ontario Regulation Numbers 82/98 under the Development Charges Act, 1997 (22-MMAH008) and Ontario Regulation Numbers 509/20 under the Planning Act (22-MMAH009) on April 6th, 2022. 

AMO's Response to the Province's Housing Affordability Task Force Report
March 1, 2022

AMO has provided the province with our response to the Province’s Housing Affordability Task Force Report. AMO encourages the provincial government to find ways to address the housing crisis in Ontario in a way that requires all three orders of government and private, non-profit, and co-operative housing sectors (collectively referred to as “development sector”) to work collectively to improve affordability, diversify the housing mix, and increase supply. AMO urges the Ministry to carefully consider the recommendations put forward in AMO’s Blueprint as opposed to relying heavily on the Housing Affordability Task Force Report.

A Blueprint for Action: An Integrated Approach to Address the Ontario Housing Crisis February 17th, 2022 

Ontario is facing a housing affordability and supply crisis. "A Blueprint for Action: An Integrated Approach to Address the Ontario Housing Crisis" builds on AMO’s longstanding positions and advocacy around housing. The Blueprint takes a principle-based approach and outlines nearly 90 recommendations on how to guide action and build a strong housing sector. It provides a new starting point for ongoing collaboration and collective work by all levels of government and the development sector to make a meaningful difference in Ontario communities. The Blueprint calls for a new collective mindset and transformative change to address the systemic issues around housing affordability over the long term. AMO stands ready to work together with the province, federal government, and development sector to meet the long-term housing affordability needs of all Ontarians.

Ending Homelessness December 8, 2021

There are a range of actions that can be taken by all orders of government to prevent and break the cycle of homelessness. AMO is inviting the provincial government to build on the productive work to date with AMO, municipalities, and District Social Service Administration Boards. The next step needed is to come together to jointly co-design and implement a plan of action to end homelessness in Ontario. AMO has developed and provided a proposal to the province, with five recommended foundational steps and twenty-three recommended actions.

Fixing the Housing Affordability Crisis August 14, 2019

This submission provided initial input into the provincial government’s Housing Supply Action Plan. Positions have since been updated in AMO’s Blueprint, however this document is still posted for archival purposes. 


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