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Northern Wildfire Evacuations and Ontario Connects

There is an urgent need to find additional willing municipal hosts for northern communities who need to evacuate their homes due to wild fires

Long-Term Care and Seniors Services

Moving Forward on the Recommendations of the LTC COVID-19 Commission Final Report; LTC Staffing Plan – 4 Hours of Care Standard Implementation and Creating Viable LTC Development and Redevelopment - AMO Submissions

Community Paramedicine, Transportation Investments for Small and Rural Communities, and Pathway Immigration Program

AMO and the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs submitted a joint Community Paramedic Policy Framework to the Minister of Health, and Minister of Long-Term Care

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AMO’s Vision Statement

In Ontario’s municipalities, people and families can live, thrive and prosper in the communities they call home, and children will have the choice and opportunity to live and work in the communities where they were raised.