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Municipal Resources - Medical Cannabis Grows

Resource December 23, 2021

Municipal resources for personal and designated medical cannabis grows in your community.

The following resources have been assembled by AMO to provide examples of how Ontario communities have addressed issues related to personal and designated medical cannabis grows.

These resources have been compiled for municipalities to consider based on their local situations and needs, and do not reflect any requirements for municipalities. They are meant to be examples of possible tools for a community to consider.


Daniela Spagnuolo
Policy Advisor


Craig Reid
Senior Advisor

Sample By-Laws

Best Practices for Advisory Groups and Committees

Balancing Enforcement & Access with Cannabis Growing

Health Canada Deck

Checklist of Enforcement Steps

Checklist of Documents for Medical Growers

Documents to Include

  • Site Plan Control
  • Air filtration system
  • Lighting plan and study
  • Planning Justification Report (including sensitive land uses and related to PPS)
  • Plan demonstrating why the number of greenhouses are necessary
  • Hydrogeological Study
  • Servicing report addressing storm water management, septic, water use and wastewater management, permit to take water if applicable
  • Comprehensive Zoning By-Law
  • Concept plan
  • How to access GIS and mapping in the municipality
  • Insurance requirements
  • Agricultural impact assessment

Sample Letters and Requirements