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AMO 2024 Board of Directors Elections
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Municipal Finance and Revenue Tools

2024 Ontario Budget and National Housing Strategy Funding

This afternoon, Ontario’s Minister of Finance introduced Ontario’s 2024 Budget, Building a Better Ontario

AMO 2024 Board Elections: Frequently Asked Questions

Elections for positions to the AMO Board will occur at the AMO Annual Conference, hosted by the City of Ottawa in August 2024. If you are considering running, see here for answers to some frequently asked questions.
Social and Economic Prosperity Review

Advancing Energy, Environmental, Social and Economic Prosperity Advocacy

AMO has forwarded letters to the Minister of Energy and to IESO outlining proposed policy and process changes recommended for implementation before the next round of procurements

AMO’s Vision Statement

In Ontario’s municipalities, people and families can live, thrive and prosper in the communities they call home, and children will have the choice and opportunity to live and work in the communities where they were raised.