Healthy Democracy Project

Project Overview

AMO’s Healthy Democracy Project will promote the value and importance of municipal governments in Ontario's political system, while focusing on the importance of diversity of leadership and perspectives.

The Healthy Democracy Project builds on AMO's We All Win campaign and will: 

  • Attract more diverse candidates to municipal office.
  • Support elected officials to be equity-informed leaders.
  • Promote more respect for the people engaged in democratic processes.
  • Encourage greater participation in local democracy and an increase in voter turnout.
  • Promote greater civic engagement and greater awareness of the role of municipal government.


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Project Streams of Work

We All Win


Diversity and equity in leadership and decision making

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Respect for Democracy

Respectful dialogue and participation in democracy

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Engagement and Education

Exploring the power and potential of local government

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Election data:

  • More women are running for elected municipal office, and more women are winning.

    • In 2018: 1,808 women ran and 698 were elected with 92 women heads of council.
    • In 2022: 1,939 women ran and 750 were elected with 110 women heads of council.
  • Voter turnout is in decline:
    • In 2010 turnout was 44.35%
    • In 2014 turnout was 43.12%
    • In 2018 turnout was 38.3%
    • In 2022 turnout was 36.3%
  • Individual position and full council acclamations are on the rise:
    • In 2014: 390 individual and 18 full council acclamations
    • In 2018: 477 individual and 26 full council acclamations
    • In 2022: 553 individual and 32 full council acclamations

* Source—AMO election data collection

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